Florida has long been the place to retire due to its many favorable tax laws, and its warm weather and beaches, but in the last decade it’s not just the elderly that are moving to the beautiful state, but also many families who are moving from near and far for many multiple reasons including those favorable tax laws, the warm weather, job opportunities, and a different way of living. As things change throughout the United States, people who were once content living in other states, are migrating south to Florida. Florida has so many people coming in to become new residents that housing prices are soaring, and jobs are abundant due to the increased population and demand for goods.

If you ask people why they love living in Florida or why they moved here you might find several responses, but inevitably you’ll hear people talk about the friendly people, the year-round warm weather, and the many opportunities the local economy provides to families. Florida is always working to improve education and that’s just another reason families are choosing to move to Florida prior to retirement. Opportunities are available everywhere in Florida for kids to get their education and put their preferred profession to work which is why more and more people are staying in Florida. Florida isn’t just a vacation spot anymore and it’s not just for snowbirds. Florida has become a place for all to move, live and prosper.

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