Little Gasparilla Island

If you’ve never been to Little Gasparilla Island, you’re really missing out! Little Gasparilla Island is unique for two reasons. There is no bridge connecting it to the mainland. You can only access the island by boat or water taxi, and there are no roads, so there are no cars, only a sand cart path that allows you to traverse and explore the island by golf cart. Since there are no street lights, the night sky over LGI is starry and bright.

Little Gasparilla Island straddles the Gasparilla Channel in southwest Florida, just north of Boca Grande (aka Gasparilla Island). Separating the two islands is Gasparilla Pass, located just southwest of Placida, Florida. Placida Harbor is connected to the Gulf of Mexico by Gasparrilla Pass. Little Gasparilla Island is situated in the middle of Florida, midway between Sarasota and Fort Myers.

Little Gasparilla Island is a hidden treasure in Florida. About 350 single-family homes dot the island, most of which are part-time residences. So this town may be unlike any other you’ve ever encountered in Florida or elsewhere. There are literally no commercial businesses on the island, therefore everything is purchased on the mainland and brought over. It’s a very different way of life and easy living. The huge majority of people who live there are retired and of an older demographic, but because of the many differences it has a charm all its own that can’t be replicated.


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