Lakeland FL

Lakeland, Florida was born from 80 acres of land purchased by Abraham Munn in 1882. That 80-acres is what now encompasses much of downtown Lakeland. Most people don’t know that, but they can tell you that Lakeland is where the Detroit Tigers hold their spring practice, they’ve done it since 1934, and they continue to do it there to this day, but that’s not what makes Lakeland home to so many. From the early years of strawberry production to being just down the road and right off of I-4 from Disney World, Lakeland is situated in a great spot to be a thriving metropolitan area, and so it is.

People come from all over the country to go to college in Lakeland, to visit and to move to Lakeland. It’s perfectly suited for families, snowbirds, or singles, and it’s booming in just about every way. If you’re opting for more than just a small town, Lakeland is probably the city that will fit the bill for you. Smaller than places like Tampa or Orlando, it has everything you need and probably more. From entertainment to employment opportunities, Lakeland has it all. It has long been a city that drew outsiders in because of its reputation as a great place to live. Outsiders don’t feel like outsiders for long because it’s a super friendly town where everyone feels welcome. That’s just part of its charm and just another reason people from all over consider Lakeland for their hometown.

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