Fort Meade FL

Fort Meade is the oldest town in Polk County Florida, and it’s home to so many families who have lived there for generations. Originally named Fort Clinch it was renamed after the Civil War for General George Meade. Sand Mountain was a favorite spot near Fort Meade during the 1940’s and 1960”s. Swift and Company created a huge sand pile from the washings of phosphate rock. The stack of sand grew to 200 feet tall.  Its consistency made it ideal for skiing.

Currently, the population is around 6,000 living in Fort Meade. The area offers residents a suburban rural mix fee. Many families and retirees live in Fort Meade making it a diverse place to live in Central Florida. Fort Meade is a very small city in Polk County Florida. Fort Meade hasn’t seen a lot of growth of new residents over the past 5 years but maintained a small consistent amount of new residents moving into the small town. It’s a tight-knit community that offers residents a place to live away from the busyness of big city life. Those who have made their way to the town to establish residency have found it to be welcoming and accommodating. When people do move in, they rarely leave for other cities.

That’s just the kind of place Fort Meade is. It’s welcoming, and it’s a place that once you settle in, you don’t want to go anywhere else. The charm it exudes captures the imaginations and hearts of those who stumble on this humble city, and that’s what makes it unique and special among other Central Florida cities.

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