Frostproof, FL

Frostproof, as it is now known, was established in 1850. At that time, this settlement was built as a fort and was called Fort Clinch. A few months later, it was abandoned. Frostproof saw its first permanent settlers as early as the 1880s, attracted by the abundant hunting, which included a lot of deer and turkey, as well as ample fishing. Today, people are still attracted to the area for some of those same reasons. It’s not extremely close to any large cities, so the wildlife population has had room to stretch out and grow. People who want this country way of life have gravitated to the area.

Frostproof, really isn’t frost proof though. As a marketing ploy, the name served to convince potential landowners that the town has never seen a frost that could threaten its large citrus-based economy. During the great freeze of 1895, that was proven to be wrong, still citrus is a strong agricultural pull to the area, and it generally does well there as frost are few and far between. Being that the weather is generally quite warm, people love it there and can become residents not worrying about many cold nights. For those seeking warmer weather and or farming, hunting, and such, this is the perfect paradise.

So if you’re looking for a bit of country living smack dab in the middle of Florida, look no further, because Frostproof certainly fits that bill. Frostproof has much to offer, and the families who live here have nothing but good things to say.

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