Bowling Green, FL

Bowling Green, FL, offers a family-friendly atmosphere that makes it possible to live a relaxed lifestyle. There are three parks in this small City – Pyatt Park, Harrington-Liston Community Park, and Centanino Park. Taking your family on a picnic or just taking the kids to play at the playgrounds available is just another way to enjoy this little town.

Located in Hardee County, it has around 3,000 people who call it home. Like many other cities and towns in the area, Bowling Green has been known for its citrus groves for the better part of a hundred years. Farming, Citrus, and Phosphates are among the things that helped people settle in this small town, and the thing that keeps people there is the old-fashioned small town disposition that so many crave in the busy world in which we live. Families settle there for peace and a slower pace of life and stay for the many lovely attributes of the city.

It’s small but mighty, and those who call it home will tell you how wonderful it is to live in such a peaceful small town. It’s the kind of place your grandma’s from and you never want to leave, and that’s what’s kept families here for generations, and it’s what will keep families settling here even when other cities have more to offer in the way of stores and activities. Living in Bowling Green is like stepping back in time a bit, and everyone who loves the town loves it even more because it’s more like days gone by. Most agree, it’s a wonderful place to live and raise a family, and they wouldn’t want it to change.

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